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JGSEE offers a number of full and partial scholarships (including the school fee, tuition fee, and living expense) to highly qualified candidates. All JGSEE students will be supported the research expenses during their studying. The candidates can apply to study at JGSEE by using the online admission or following the Step-by-Step Guide to Admissions. Importantly, during the application, the candidates must indicate their research interest and preferred research laboratory.


Online admission
Step by Step Guide to Admission
Tuition Fees
Student Scholarships at JGSEE


Step-by-Step Guide to Admissions
Thank you for your interest in the Joint Graduate School of Energy Environment (JGSEE). JGSEE is an international graduate education and research school operating as a consortium involving five leading institutions in Thailand KMUTT, KMITNB, PSU, CMU and SIIT-TU as partners. We have a great number of highly qualified academic staffs and offer various study programs leading to the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Research-based Master of Philosophy, and Master of Science (PhD. MPhil., and MSc.) including Energy Technology & Environmental Technology, Professional-oriented Master Programs (MEng./MSc.), Energy Technology and Management, and Environmental Technology and Management. All students' research expenses are supported by JGSEE and research project funds. In addition, there have been a number of full and partial scholarships granted to highly qualified candidates. Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a completed application form and the research topic step by step as follow.
Online application
Online application is a must for admission. The applicants information will be stored in University database. An applicants must be complete in full and accompanied with required document.
Tuition fees

The following fee schedules apply for all students.

  • School Fee : 30,000 Baht per semester
  • Tuition Fee : 3,000 Baht per credit

For students attending specific subjects at other approved universities or additional English tutorial class, The rate of the school offering the course applies.

Energy Division  / Environment Division


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