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JGSEE offers the graduate programs in Master degree (Master of Science, Master of Philosophy and Master of Engineering) and Doctor of Philosophy in the fields of Energy Technology & Management and Environmental Technology & Management. Generally, the durations of the programs are 2 years for Master degree and 3 years for Doctor of Philosophy.

Academic Programs

Course Program
Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Philosophy
Master of Science
(Energy Technology)
(Environmental Technology)
Master of Science
(Energy Tech & Mgmt)
Master of Science
(Environmental Tech & Mgmt)
Master of Engineering
(Energy Tech & Mgmt)
Master of Engineering
(Environmental Tech & Mgmt)

Course Program

Master of Engineering
- Energy Technology & Management

The applicant must hold a first degree in engineering with the least final GPA of 2.75 or is placed in the top 25% of the class. Other applicants may be admitted on conditions that they receive approvement from JGSEE Executive Committee.

In all programmes, the applicants should consult with their would-be supervisor on the possible thesis topic before applying. Potential applicants should also observe that the teachings are conducted in English, therefore, they should have a good command of the language.

Plan A
program component thesis 12 credit and graduation requirements are One national journal paper or one international conference paper.

Plan B
program component internship or international internship 3 credit and Research study 3 credit and graduation requirements are Report on internship and research study, plus oral examination.

Total program credits 42 credits

Program Component
Course Plan A Plan B
Compulsory 21 21
Elective 9 9
Internship or international internship - 6
Research study - 6
Thesis 12 -
Total 42 42

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Graduation Requirements
To qualify for graduation, students must fulfill the following requirements:
1. Credits Earned 42 credits
2. Publications
    Plan A: One national journal papers and one international conference paper
    Plan B: Report on internship an research study
3. English Language Proficiency. The minimum score
Master Ph.D
1. IELTS 5.5 6.0
3. TU-GET 520 550
4. TEGS 65% 70%
5. PSU-GET 72% *
6. Prince of Songkla University English Proficiency Test * 64%

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