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JGSEE have numerous facilities for servicing our students, staffs, and outsiders. These facilities include the center laboratory that offers several technical services in the fields of energy and environmental technologies, the library with several up-to-date academic books and research databases and the computer center.


Computer Center



Computer Center
Core responsibility of Computer Center is service for all division of JGSEE lecturers, JGSEE staffs, and all of JGSEE students in all degrees . Computer Center has many computers and peripheral equipment (computer, printer, scanner, camera, and etc.). Now, computer center of JGSEE has provided computer, network, and wireless LAN to access the communication network in our and international country for support all activities involved study and research of all JGSEE people

Computer Room

Computer Center provided all rooms for facilities of JGSEE lecturers, JGSEE staffs, and all of JGSEE students in all degrees for support all activities involved lecture, study, and research

All of them can access at the computer rooms of JGSEE computer center, as follows:

  1. Computer room at 3rd Floor has 5 computers
  2. Computer room at 5th Floor has 8 computers
  3. Computer room for Ph.D. student at 11th Floor has 5 computers

Instruction for use computer room
  • Please, shut down computer after used
  • If you have any problem about computer, please contact IT officer to check and solve all problems. Do not solve the computers' problems by yourself .
  • Do not disturb others.
  • Please, keep quiet when use a computer room

    Opening Hours
    Mondays to Fridays
    08.30 am. - 05.00 pm.


Tanakrit Pong-im
IT Officer

Chettha Muenphotong
System development

Weerasak Pasnei
System development (Bang Khun Tien)

* If you want to use computer room over time please, contact Mr.Tanakrit directly at computer center


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