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Announcement and Call for Applications

DAAD Thai-German Renewable Energy Advance training2012


Venue: JGSEE-KMUTT, 126 Pracha-Uthit Road, Bangmod, Tungkru, Bangkok 10140, Thailand
Dates (Tentative): 3 September - 20 September 2012 (Total duration: 3 weeks)
Expected number of participants: 30 - 40 participants (2/3 from Thailand and 1/3 from SE Asia or other developing countries where sustainable development of energy system is required)
Thematic Focus for 2012: Renewable Energy Technology
   - Module 1: Bioenergy
   - Module 2: Solar Energy
   - Module 3: Integrated RE Systems including Hydrogen Process chains
(Participants can choose to attend all the three modules or only 1 or 2 modules)
Candidate qualifications: Candidates should be of Engineering or Scientific background, and be graduated in Energy Technology or related field. Professional experience with reference/recommendation letters are also required to support the application. The module courses are delivered in English, therefore good to excellent command in English for writing and oral communication of the candidates is highly required.
Candidate selection process: All candidates will be interviewed by the Technical Committee of the Summer School composed of members from German and Thai sides and a representative from DAAD.
Registration fee:3,000 THB/1 Module; 5,000 THB/2 Modules; and 7,000 THB/3 Modules.
(Registration fee includes all study materials and facilities, lunches and breaks, and technical excursion).
Documents to be delivered to trainees:

  • Certificate of qualification for each module for trainees, who successfully passed examination.
  • Certificate of attendance for each module for trainees, who only attended the course and technical excursion.
  • Training materials of each module.


  • Attachment 1: Tentative Program
  • Attachment 2: Application form (English)

Important dates:

  • Application open: 1st March - 30April 2012
  • Announcement of candidates qualified for interview:1st week of May 2012
  • Announcement of selected candidates: mid-May 2012.

Contact & Application Form Submission:
Ms. Kulakarn S or Mr. SuphatKrabisri
Partnership Relations and Outreach (PRO)
126 Parcha-Uthit Road, Bangmod, Tungkru, Bangkok 10140, Thailand
Tel: 02 470 8309-10 ext. 4130 Fax: 02 872 9805

E-mail: kulakarn_s@jgsee.kmutt.ac.th; suphat@jgsee.kmutt.ac.th; savitri@jgsee.kmutt.ac.th


The South-East Asia (SE Asia)' s growing economy in the last two decades has increased the concern of sustainable development in the face of deteriorating energy security, environmental pollution, and economic hardship in energy investment. The lack of practical experience and knowledge and limited policy frameworks are the most important and common barriers to energy efficiency improvement and the deployment of renewable energy potentials in SE Asian countries. The aim of the proposed series of Advanced Training is to build capacity of ASEAN countries in policy formulation and planning; in deployment, implementation and monitoring of energy and environment measures and projects by applying appropriate and adequate tools and methods from international group of expert as trainers.
The target groups of the Advanced Training are policy makers, professional staff from public institutions, junior lecturers and researchers, graduate students, and professional staff from industry and private sector.
The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE) with its partner from Germany will conduct this series of Advanced Trainings in Thailand. Currently, 15 modules are planned to cover various topics in the field of energy and energy related environmental issues. The Advanced Training is designed to be interactive workshop-based, in order to offer the trainees the opportunity of hands-on practice. The duration of each Advanced Training is 3 weeks.
Participants in the Advanced Trainingwill learn the principles of existing tools, models, methodologies, and applications relevant to their work/research, so that they could performmore effectively and efficiently.Furthermore, the strengthening of the capacity of policy makers in SE Asian countries, would contribute toa better and more promising policy framework in the region. For the first series, the Advanced Training will be dedicated to Renewable Energy Technology. It will be organized in the form of Summer School in collaboration with leading experts in the field from Germany, and with support from DAAD. The Summer School is planned in 2012 to be held during 3 weeks.

Download: Summerschool program
                   Application form_Summer School





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