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GRENE-JICA Project on Climatic Changes and their Effects on Agriculture in the Asian Monsoon Region

The research collaboration between JGSEE and NIAES (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, Japan) on "Climatic changes and evaluation of their effects on agriculture in the Asian monsoon region" is one of the projects under the Green Network of Excellence Program (GRENE), supported by the Japanese Government through JICA. The project kick-off meeting was held during 3-5 March 2012 at Asia Hotel, Bangkok. This project involves the contribution of researchers from Japan (University of Tokyo and Tokyo Metropolitan University), the Philippines (Mariano Marcos State University), Indonesia (Bogor Agricultural University), Vietnam (Hanoi University of Science), and Thailand (JGSEE, led by Assoc Prof Dr Sirintornthep Towpryoon and Assoc Prof Dr Amnat Chidthaisong).

The research objectives of this project, all focused on developing countries in the Asian monsoon region, include: (1) the development of agro-meteorological and climatological databases, (2) the evaluation of land surface conditions based on climate conditions, (3) the elucidation of the effects of climatic changes on major crops in the region, and (4) the development of an information platform to design adaptation and mitigation strategies of major crops against the predicted climatic changes in the region.





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