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The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE) along with its partner universities and Kyoto University's 21 COE program on Sustainable Energy Systems organized Joint International Conference on "Sustainable Energy and Environment: Technology and Policy Innovations" organized during 21-23 November 2006 Swissotel Nai Lert Park, Bangkok.

Over 350 participants have joined this international event and over 230 papers from more than 20 different countries have been presented out of which 160 in oral session. The topics covered include: advanced energy technology, renewable energy technology, air pollution and climate change, and energy and environmental management and policy. Fifteen invited lectures were also given by distinguished local and international participants. Country reports from 6 different countries in the region including Japan and Thailand were also presented to share information and experiences regarding the energy situation in each of the country concerned and prospects for improvement.

In addition to these sessions three side event meetings and a panel discussion on New Policy and Technology Trends in Asia were organized. During these events, participants were given an occasion to interact and exchange their experiences and views which have ultimately led to the formulation of concrete actions for cooperation between the various institutes and companies involved.

This international conference has enabled us through the gathering of people from Government, Industry and Academia to share our experiences and knowledge in relation to recent advances in energy technology and policy innovations but also to encourage the networking of participants through the various side meetings organized during the SEE 2006.

Side meeting 1 on: Global warming projection of IPCC scenarios, seeking for mitigation options after Kyoto Protocol
Side meeting 2 on: Survey on the Possible Framework Agreement for Education anc Research Networking Among Asian Nations in the Field of Energy as a Pact after Kyoto Protocol
Side Meeting 3: Opportunity for Research Collaboration


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