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From left: Mr. Vithaya Sintharapantorn, Sector Director - Exhibitions, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), Ms. Nucharin Paradeevisut, General Manager - Operations, CMP Media (Thailand), Dr.-Ing. Christoph Menke, Professor and Industrial Outreach Advisor, The Joint Graduate School of Energy & Environment (JGSEE), Prof. Ali Sayigh, Chairman of WREC and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bundit Fungtammasarn, Director, JGSEE


Bangkok to host prestigious event in 2009

The World Renewable Energy Congress Network (WRECN)
Based in the United Kingdom, has just selected Thailand as host country for their 2009 Regional Congress. The recent World Renewable Energy Congress in Florence, Italy had around thousand participants and underlined the increasing importance of renewable energy in a world newly awakened to the urgency of saving the world's fragile eco-system.

WRECN is major non-profit organization with charitable status. It is affiliated wit UNESCO. Established in 1992, it is today one of the most effective organization in supporting and implementing natural resource technology. Representing most countries in the world, it aims to promote co-operation between scientists, engineers, technicians and managers in order to address the energy needs of both developed and developing countries.

The Regional Congress is expected to draw 1,200 to 1,500 academics, researchers and business leaders with interests in renewable energy areas. Most attendees will be members of WRECN.

The Congress will cover broad academic and technical areas and also include plenary sessions focusing on the status and trends of global renewable energy developments. It will be a positive-action forum where researchers and users of renewable energy will gather under the auspices of the world body to discuss and formulate ideas and methods to help alleviate the looming environmental crisis.

The Regional Congress will be held at BITEC Exhibition Center in Bangkok and run in conjunction with Renewable Energy Asia / Entech Asia - the region's largest and most successful renewable energy and environmental technology exhibition. Co-hosting the event in Thailand will be CMP Media, Thailand, the Joint Graduate School of Energy & Environment and the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau. The Congress is supported by the Ministry of Energy and Thai International Airways.

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