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JGSEE Graduate Recruited by LBNL of the US

One of JGSEE's most recent PhD graduates, Ali Hasanbeigi, has been recruited by the world renowned Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, US, as a Postdoctoral Fellow. While at JGSEE, Ali worked on energy efficiency improvement and GHG reduction potentials and their cost-effectiveness in Thai cement industry as a PhD thesis, which was supervised by a former JGSEE professor, Dr-Ing Chrsitoph Menke. The following is what he had to say upon arriving at LBNL shortly before the New Year. "Dear friends and colleagues, Happy New Year! Wish you and your family a very good and prosperous year. Now, I am sitting next to the window of my room in Berkeley, California with a beautiful view of San Francisco Bay with Golden Gate Bridge just in front of me. Thanks to a nice weather I can see it so clearly! Yes. Finally I could make it to the US. You probably knew that I was waiting for my employment and US visa for quite a while. Finally I received my visa and I arrived at Berkeley on Dec. 20, 2009. I am working as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). I am working on industrial energy efficiency and energy policy. I spend 60-70% of my time on the projects for China, while spending rest of my time on other international projects. I am so happy to be here and work at LBNL on the subject which I really like. It's a great place to be and many interesting and bright people to work with. I just wanted to share this good news with you and probably make you a it happy too at the beginning of the year. May this year be a wonderful year with such a good start! Best wishes, Ali

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