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JGSEE establishes a Public Relation and Industrial Outreach at the school to provide high quality applied research as well as technical and educational services to industry with a special focus on the SMEs to increase their competitiveness. In addition, we also publish an international peer-reviewed journal namely the Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment (JSEE) as a quarterly journal that publishes theoretical, experimental and applied results in the science, engineering and policy aspects of sustainable energy and environment.


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Research Publications
JGSEE publishes significant anount of high quality research articles in the international journals in the field of energy & environment. These articles are classified by our laboratories as following :

  Research Lab (Click link for each research publications)
Advanced Fuel Processing Laboratory (AFPL)

Tropical Climate System Modeling Laboratory (TCSM) Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Laboratory (LCSAL)

Building Energy Science and Technology laboratory (BEST) Advanced Greenhouse Gas and Aerosol Research Laboratory (AGAR) Energy and Environmental Policy Laboratory (EEPL)
    Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) OTHER
Searching for Publications

Advanced Fuel Processes Laboratory (AFPL)

bulet T Wongchang, S Patumsawad, and B Fungtammasan. (2013) An Analysis of Wood Pyrolysis Tar from High Temperature Thermal Cracking Process. Energy Sources, Part A. 35(10): p. 926-935. October 2013
bulet Nopparat Suriyachai, Khatiya Weerasaia, Navadol Laosiripojana, Verawat Champreda, and Pornkamol Unrean. (2013) Optimized simultaneous saccharification and co-fermentation of rice straw for ethanol production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Scheffersomyces stipitis co-culture using design of experiments. Bioresource Technology. 142(0): p. 171-178. August 2013
bulet Thepparat Klamrassamee, Verawat Champreda, Vasimon Reunglek, and Navadol Laosiripojana. (2013) Comparison of homogeneous and heterogeneous acid promoters in single-step aqueous-organosolv fractionation of eucalyptus wood chips. Bioresource Technology. 147(0): p. 276–284. November 2013
bulet Worapon Kiatkittipong, Songphon Phimsen, Kunlanan Kiatkittipong, Suwimol Wongsakulphasatch, Navadol Laosiripojana, and Suttichai Assabumrungrat. (2013) Diesel-like hydrocarbon production from hydroprocessing of relevant refining palm oil. Fuel Processing Technology. 116(0): p. 16-26. December 2013
bulet Saksit Imman, Jantima Arnthong, Vorakan Burapatana, Navadol Laosiripojana, and Verawat Champreda. (2013) Autohydrolysis of Tropical Agricultural Residues by Compressed Liquid Hot Water Pretreatment. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 170(8): p. 1982-1995. August 2013
bulet Pornlada Daorattanachai, Nawin Viriya-empikul, Navadol Laosiripojana, and Kajornsak Faungnawakij. (2013) Effects of Kraft lignin on hydrolysis/dehydration of sugars, cellulosic and lignocellulosic biomass under hot compressed water. Bioresource Technology. 144(0): p. 504-512. September 2013
bulet N. Chovichien, S. Pipatmanomai, and S. Chungpaibulpatana. (2013) COMPREHENSIVE STUDY OF PRESSURE-DROP BALANCE AND PERFORMANCE OF AN L-VALVE IN A CIRCULATING FLUIDIZED BED. Chemical Engineering Communications. 200(11): p. 1483-1502. November 2013
bulet N. Chovichien, S. Pipatmanomai, and S. Chungpaibulpatana. (2013) Estimate of solids circulation rate through an L-valve in a CFB operating at elevated temperature. Powder Technology. 235(0): p. 886-900. February 2013
bulet P. Chanchaochai, P. Boonnoun, N. Laosiripojana, M. Goto, B. Jongsomjit, J. Panpranot, O. Mekasuwandumrong, and A. Shotipruk. (2013) TRANSESTERIFICATION OF PALM OIL AT NEAR-CRITICAL CONDITIONS USING SULFONATED CARBON-BASED ACID CATALYST. Chemical Engineering Communications. 200(11): p. 1542-1552. November 2013
bulet N. Chanburanasiri, A. M. Ribeiro, A. E. Rodrigues, N. Laosiripojana, and S. Assabumrungrat. (2013) Simulation of Methane Steam Reforming Enhanced by in Situ CO2 Sorption Using K2CO3-Promoted Hydrotalcites for H-2 Production. Energy & Fuels. 27(8): p. 4457-4470. Aug
bulet U. Makmool, S. Jugjai, and S. Tia. (2013) Structures and performances of laminar impinging multiple premixed LPG–air flames. Fuel. 112(0): p. 254-262. October 2013
bulet T. Madhiyanon, P. Sathitruangsak, S. Sungworagarn, S. Fukuda, and S. Tia. (2013) Ash and deposit characteristics from oil-palm empty-fruit-bunch (EFB) firing with kaolin additive in a pilot-scale grate-fired combustor. Fuel Processing Technology. 115(0): p. 182-191. November 2013
bulet Janewit Wannapeera and Nakorn Worasuwannarak. (2012) Upgrading of woody biomass by torrefaction under pressure. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. 96(0). p. 173-180.
bulet Janewit  Wannapeera, Xian  Li, Nakorn  Worasuwannarak, Ryuichi  Ashida, and Kouichi  Miura. (2012) Production of High-Grade Carbonaceous Materials and Fuel Having Similar Chemical and Physical Properties from Various Types of Biomass by Degradative Solvent Extraction. Energy & Fuel. 26(7). p. 4521–4531.
bulet C. Veranitisagul, N. Koonsaeng, N. Laosiripojana, and A. Laobuthee. (2012) Preparation of gadolinia doped ceria via metal complex decomposition method: Its application as catalyst for the steam reforming of ethane. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. 18(3). p. 898-903.
bulet Surisa Suwannarangsee, Benjarat Bunterngsook, Jantima Arnthong, Atchara Paemanee, Arinthip Thamchaipenet, Lily Eurwilaichitr, Navadol Laosiripojana, and Verawat Champreda. (2012) Optimisation of synergistic biomass-degrading enzyme systems for efficient rice straw hydrolysis using an experimental mixture design. Bioresource Technology. 119(0). p. 252–261.
bulet W. Rongwong, S. Boributh, S. Assabumrungrat, N. Laosiripojana, and R. Jiraratananon. (2012) Simultaneous absorption of CO 2 and H 2S from biogas by capillary membrane contactor. Journal of Membrane Science. 392-393(p. 38-47.
bulet T. Madhiyanon, P. Sathitruangsak, S. Sungworagarn, S. Pipatmanomai, and S. Tia. (2012) A pilot-scale investigation of ash and deposition formation during oil-palm empty-fruit-bunch (EFB) combustion. Fuel Processing Technology. 96(p. 250-264.
bulet Nithitorn Kongkaew and Suthum Patumsawad. (2012) Bed Simulation of Palm Oil Residue Combustion on Grate Fire Furnaces. Wulfenia Journal. 19(9). p. 107-119.
bulet Pornlada Daorattanachai, Supawadee Namuangruk, Nawin Viriya-empikul, Navadol Laosiripojana, and Kajornsak Faungnawakij. (2012) 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural production from sugars and cellulose in acid- and base-catalyzed conditions under hot compressed water. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. 18(6). p. 1893–1901.
bulet S. Boributh, W. Rongwong, S. Assabumrungrat, N. Laosiripojana, and R. Jiraratananon. (2012) Mathematical modeling and cascade design of hollow fiber membrane contactor for CO 2 absorption by monoethanolamine. Journal of Membrane Science. 401-402(p. 175-189.
bulet Somnuk Boributh, Suttichai Assabumrungrat, Navadol Laosiripojana, and Ratana Jiraratananon (2011). A modeling study on the effects of membrane characteristics and operating parameters on physical absorption of CO2 by hollow fiber membrane contactor. Journal of Membrane Science 380(1-2): pp. 21-33 15 September 2011.
bulet S. Boributh, S. Assabumrungrat, N. Laosiripojana, and R. Jiraratananon (2011). Effect of membrane module arrangement of gas-liquid membrane contacting process on CO2 absorption performance: A modeling study. Journal of Membrane Science 372(1-2): pp. 75-86. April 2011.
bulet Surachai Jansri, Sukritthira B. Ratanawilai, Michael L. Allen, and Gumpon Prateepchaikul (2011). Kinetics of methyl ester production from mixed crude palm oil by using acid-alkali catalyst. Fuel Processing Technology 92(8): pp. 1543-1548. August 2011.


N. Laosiripojana and S. Assabumrungrat (2011). Conversion of poisonous methanethiol to hydrogen-rich gas by chemisorption/reforming over nano-scale CeO2: The use of CeO2 as catalyst coating material. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 102(1-2): pp. 267-275. February 2011.
bulet Supatchaya Konsomboon, Suneerat Pipatmanomai, Thanid Madhiyanon, and Suvit Tia (2011). Effect of kaolin addition on ash characteristics of palm empty fruit bunch (EFB) upon combustion. Applied Energy 88(1): pp. 298-305 January 2011.
bulet W. Dedsuksophon, K. Faungnawakij, V. Champreda, and N. Laosiripojana (2011). Hydrolysis/dehydration/aldol-condensation/hydrogenation of lignocellulosic biomass and biomass-derived carbohydrates in the presence of Pd/WO3-ZrO2 in a single reactor. Bioresource Technology 102(2): pp. 2040-2046. January 2011.
bulet Wiboon Riansa-ngawong and Poonsuk Prasertsan (2011). Optimization of furfural production from hemicellulose extracted from delignified palm pressed fiber using a two-stage process. Carbohydrate Research 346(1): pp. 103-110. January 2011.
bulet Sommas Kaewluan and Suneerat Pipatmanomai (2011). Potential of synthesis gas production from rubber wood chip gasification in a bubbling fluidised bed gasifier Energy Conversion and Management 52(1): pp. 75-84 January 2011.
bulet W Dedsuksophon, K Faungnawakij, V Champreda, and N Laosiripojana (2011). Reactivity of Pd/WO3-ZrO2 toward integrative hydrolysis/dehydration/ aldol-condensation/hydrogenation of lignocellulosic biomass and biomass-derived carbohydrate. Bioresource Technology 102(2): pp. 2040-2046 January 2011.
bulet N Laosiripojana, W Sutthisripok, S Charojrochkul, and S Assabumrungrat (2011). Steam reforming of LPG over Ni and Rh supported on Gd-CeO2 and Al2O3: Effect of support and feed composition. Fuel 90(1): pp. 136-141 January 2011.
bulet Sommas Kaewluan and Suneerat Pipatmanomai (2011). Gasification of high moisture rubber woodchip with rubber waste in a bubbling fluidized bed. Fuel Processing Technology 92(3): pp. 671-677. March 2011.
bulet U. Makmool, S. Jugjai, S. Tia, Y. Laoonual, P. Vallikul, and B. Fungtammasan (2011). Laser-based investigations of flow fields and OH distributions in impinging flames of domestic cooker-top burners. Fuel 90(3): pp. 1024-1035. March 2011.
bulet Worapon Kiatkittipong, Suwimol Wongsakulphasatch, Nattapon Tintan, Navadol Laosiripojana, Piyasan Praserthdam, and Suttichai Assabumrungrat (2011). Gasoline upgrading by self-etherification with ethanol on modified beta-zeolite. Fuel Processing Technology 92(10): pp. 1999-2004. October 2011.


Janewit Wannapeera, Bundit Fungtammasan, and Nakorn Worasuwannarak (2011). Effects of temperature and holding time during torrefaction on the pyrolysis behaviors of woody biomass. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 92(1): pp. 99-105. September 2011.
bulet A Laobuthee, C Veranitisagul, N Koonsaeng, V Bhavakul, and N Laosiripojana (2010). Catalytic activity of ultrafine CexGdySmzO2 synthesized by metal organic complex method toward steam reforming of methane. Catalysis Communication 12(1): pp. 25-29. 25 October 2010.
bulet K Cheenkachorn and B Fungtammasan (2010). An Investigation of Diesel-Ethanol-Biodiesel Blends for Diesel Engine: Part 1.Emulsion Stability and Fuel Propersies. Energy sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects 32(7): pp. 637 – 644. April 2010.
bulet K. Suksankraisorn, S. Patumsawad, and B. Fungtammasan (2010). Co-firing of Thai lignite and municipal solid waste (MSW) in a fluidised bed: Effect of MSW moisture content. Applied Thermal Engineering 30(17-18): pp. 2693-2697. December 2010.
bulet M Sansernnivet, Navadol Laosiripojana, Suttichai Assabumrungrat, and Sumittra Charojrochkul (2010). Fabrication of La0.8Sr0.2CrO3-based Perovskite Film via Flame Assisted Vapour Deposition Technique for H2 production by Reforming. CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition 16(10-12): pp. 311-321. December 2010
bulet Pisit Yongyingsakthavorn, Christophe Dumouchel, Pumyos Vallikul , and Bundit Fungtammasan (2010). Deconvolution with Maximum Entropy Solution to Determine Local Extinction Coefficient and Local Volume Concentration Values from Laser Diffraction Data. Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 26(4): pp. 187-198. January 2010.
bulet Pitaksa Suvarnakuta, S. Patumsawad, and S Kerdsuwan (2010). Experimental study on preheated air and flue gas recirculation in solid waste incineration Energy sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects 32(14): pp. 1362 - 1377 January 2010.
bulet K Cheenkachorn and B Fungtammasan (2010). An investigation of diesel-ethanol-biodiesel blends for diesel engine: Part 2-emission and engine performance of a light-duty truck Energy sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects 32(10): pp. 894 - 900 January 2010.
bulet M Raita, V Champreda, and N Laosiripojana (2010). Biocatalytic ethanolysis of palm oil for biodiesel production using microcrystalline lipase in tert-butanol system. Process Biochemistry 45(6): pp. 829-834 June 2010.
bulet A. Chareonlimkun, V. Champreda, A. Shotipruk, and N. Laosiripojana (2010). Catalytic conversion of sugarcane bagasse, rice husk and corncob in the presence of TiO2, ZrO2 and mixed-oxide TiO2–ZrO2 under hot compressed water (HCW) condition Bioresource Technology 101(11): pp. 4179-4186 June 2010.
bulet Kraipat Cheenkachorn and Bundit Fungtammasan (2010). Development of engine oil using palm oil as a base stock for four-stroke engines. Energy 35(6): pp. 2552-2556 June 2010.
bulet Worapon Kiatkittipong, Sirima Suwanmanee, Navadol Laosiripojana, Piyasan Praserthdam, and Suttichai Assabumrungrat (2010). Cleaner gasoline production by using glycerol as fuel extender. Fuel Processing Technology 91(5): pp. 456-460 May 2010.
bulet P Mongkolbovornkij, V Champreda, W Sutthisripok, and N. Laosiripojana (2010). Esterification of industrial-grade palm fatty acid distillate over modified ZrO2 (with WO3-, SO4 -and TiO2-): Effects of co-solvent adding and water removal. Fuel Processing Technology 91(11): pp. 1510-1516 November 2010.
bulet Maneewan Suwansaard, Wanna Choorit, Jill Zeilstra-Ryalls, and Poonsuk Prasertsan (2010). Phototropic H2 production by a newly isolated strain of Rhodopseudomonas palustris Biotechnology Letters 32(11): pp. 1667-1671. November 2010.
bulet N Laosiripojana, S Charojrochkul, P Lohsoontorn, and S Assabumrungrat (2010). Role and advantages of H2S on the catalytic steam reforming over nano-scale CeO2-based catalysts. Journal of Catalysis 276(1): pp. 6-15 November 2010.
bulet N. Laosiripojana, W. Kiatkittipong, W. Sutthisripok, and S. Assabumrungrat (2010). Synthesis of methyl esters from relevant palm products in near-critical methanol with modified-zirconia catalysts Bioresource Technology 101(21): pp. 8416-8423. November 2010.
bulet U Wetwatana, P Kim-Lohsoontorn, S Assabumrungrat, and N Laosiripojana (2010). Catalytic Steam and Autothermal Reforming of Used Lubricating Oil (ULO) over Rh- and Ni-Based Catalysts. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 49(21): pp. 10981-10985. November, 2010.
bulet A Chareonlimkun, V Champreda, A Shotipruk, and N Laosiripojana (2010). Reactions of C5 and C6-sugars, cellulose, and lignocellulose under hot compressed water (HCW) in the presence of heterogeneous acid catalysts Fuel 89(10): pp. 2873-2880. October 2010.
bulet A Petchmala, N Laosiripojana, B Jongsomjit, M Goto, J Panpranot, O Mekasuwandumrong, and A Shotipruk (2010). Transesterification of palm oil and esterification of palm fatty acid in near- and super-critical methanol with SO4-ZrO2 catalysts. Fuel 89(9): pp. 2387-2392. September 2010.
bulet S. Assabumrungrat, S. Charoenseri, N. Laosiripojana, W. Kiatkittipong, and P. Praserthdam (2009). Effect of oxygen addition on catalytic performance of Ni/SiO2ทMgO toward carbon dioxide reforming of methane under periodic operation. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 34(15): pp. 6211-6220. August 2009.
bulet N Jirasuwankul, Bundit Fungtammasan, P Vallikul, S Kuntanapreeda, S Jugjai, and H Burkhardt (2009). Analysis and Characterization of Premixed CH4/Air Flame based on Invariant transform of v2D CH*-Chemiluminescence Measurements. Combustion Science & Technology 181(2): pp. 191-210. February 2009.
bulet A. Shotipruk, S. Assabumrungrat, P. Pavasant, and N. Laosiripojana (2009). Reactivity of CeO2 and Ce-ZrO2 toward steam reforming of palm fatty acid distilled (PFAD) with co-fed oxygen and hydrogen. Chemical Engineering Science 64(3): pp. 459-466 February 2009.
bulet Kraipat Cheenkachorn and Bundit Fungtammasan (2009). Biodiesel as an Additive for Diesohol International Journal of Green Energy 6(1): pp. 57-72. Jan.-Fe. 2009.
bulet Suneerat Pipatmanomai, Bundit Fungtammasan, and Sankar Bhattacharya (2009). Characteristics and Composition of Lignites and Boiler Ashes and Their Relation to Slagging: The case of Mae Moh PCC Boilers. Fuel 88(1): pp. 116-123 January 2009.
bulet Pitaksa Suvarnakuta, S. Patumsawad, and S Kerdsuwan (2009). In-Depth Experimental Study of Solid-Waste Destruction by High Temperature Air Combustion Energy sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects 31(17): pp. 1510 - 1520 January 2009.
bulet B. Pholjaroen, N. Laosiripojana, P. Praserthdam, and S. Assabumrungrat (2009). Reactivity of Ni/SiO2-MgO toward carbon dioxide reforming of methane under steady state and periodic operations. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 15(4): pp. 488-497. July 2009.
bulet S Pipatmanomai, S Kaewluan, and T Vitidsant (2009). Economic assessment of biogas-to-electricity generation system with H2S removal by activated carbon in small pig farm. Applied Energy 86(5): pp. 669-674 May 2009.
bulet Maneewan Suwansaard, Wanna Choorit, Jill H. Zeilstra-Ryalls, and Poonsuk Prasertsan (2009). Isolation of anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria from Songkhla Lake for use in a two-staged biohydrogen production process from palm oil mill effluent. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 34(17): pp. 7523-7529. September 2009.



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