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JGSEE establishes a Public Relation and Industrial Outreach at the school to provide high quality applied research as well as technical and educational services to industry with a special focus on the SMEs to increase their competitiveness. In addition, we also publish an international peer-reviewed journal namely the Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment (JSEE) as a quarterly journal that publishes theoretical, experimental and applied results in the science, engineering and policy aspects of sustainable energy and environment.


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Research Publications
JGSEE publishes significant anount of high quality research articles in the international journals in the field of energy & environment. These articles are classified by our laboratories as following :

  Research Lab (Click link for each research publications)
Advanced Fuel Processing Laboratory (AFPL)

Tropical Climate System Modeling Laboratory (TCSM) Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Laboratory (LCSAL)

Building Energy Science and Technology laboratory (BEST) Advanced Greenhouse Gas and Aerosol Research Laboratory (AGAR) Energy and Environmental Policy Laboratory (EEPL)
    Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) OTHER
Searching for Publications

Building Energy Science and Technology laboratory (BEST)

bulet Preecha Tummu, Surapong Chirarattananon, Vu Duc Hien, Pipat Chaiwiwatworakul, and Pattana Rakkwamsuk. (2013) Thermal performance of insulated walls enclosing residential spaces in Thailand. Energy and Buildings. 61(0): p. 323-332. June 2013
bulet Thanyalak Taengchum, Surapong Chirarattananon, Robert H. B. Exell, Kuskana Kubaha, and Pipat Chaiwiwatworakul. (2013) A study on a ventilation stack integrated with a light pipe. Applied Thermal Engineering. 50(1): p. 546–554. January 2013

Pipat Chaiwiwatworakul and Surapong Chirarattananon. (2013) A double-pane window with enclosed horizontal slats for daylighting in buildings in the tropics. Energy and Buildings. 62(0): p. 27-36. July 2013

bulet Pipat Chaiwiwatworakul and Surapong Chirarattananon. (2013) Luminous efficacies of global and diffuse horizontal irradiances in a tropical region. Renewable Energy. 53(0): p. 148-158. May 2013
bulet Ditsaphon Matuampunwong, Surapong Chiraratananon, and Pipat Chaiwiwatworakul. (2012) Energy Saving Potential from Daylighting through External Multiple-Slat Shaded Window in the Tropics. International Journal ofRenewable Energy Research. 2(3). p. 369-375.
bulet Pipat Chaiwiwatworakul, Surapong Chirarattananon, and Pattana Rakkwamsuk (2009). Application of automated blind for daylighting in tropical region. Energy Conversion and Management 50(12): pp. 2927-2943. December 2009.
bulet S Chirarattananon and P Chaiwiwatworakul (2009). Application of Evolutionary Computation for Identification LEUKOS 5(2): pp. 101-117. October 2009.
bulet S. Chirarattananon, P. Chaiwiwatworakul, V. D. Hien, P. Rakkwamsuk, and K. Kubaha (2010). Assessment of energy savings from the revised building energy code of Thailand. Energy 35(4): pp. 1741-1753 April 2010. Building Energy Science and Technology
bulet Wantana Somcharoenwattana, Christoph Menke, Darunporn Kamolpus, and Dusan Gvozdenac (2011). Study of Operational Parameters Improvement of Natural-Gas Cogeneration Plant in Public Buildings in Thailand. Energy and Buildings 43(4): pp. 925-934. April 2011. Energy and Environmental Policy
bulet Siam Samuhatananon, Surapong Chirarattananon, and P Chirarattananon (2011). An Experimental and Analytical Study of Transmission of Daylight Through Circular Light Pipes. LEUKOS: The Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North American 7(4): pp. 197-199. April, 2011. Building Energy Science and Technology


Surapong Chiraratananon and Vu Duc Hien (2011). Thermal performance and cost effectiveness of massive walls under thai climate. Energy and Buildings 43(7): pp. 1655-1662. July 2011.

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