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JGSEE establishes a Public Relation and Industrial Outreach at the school to provide high quality applied research as well as technical and educational services to industry with a special focus on the SMEs to increase their competitiveness. In addition, we also publish an international peer-reviewed journal namely the Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment (JSEE) as a quarterly journal that publishes theoretical, experimental and applied results in the science, engineering and policy aspects of sustainable energy and environment.


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Research Publications
JGSEE publishes significant anount of high quality research articles in the international journals in the field of energy & environment. These articles are classified by our laboratories as following :

  Research Lab (Click link for each research publications)
Advanced Fuel Processing Laboratory (AFPL)

Tropical Climate System Modeling Laboratory (TCSM) Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Laboratory (LCSAL)

Building Energy Science and Technology laboratory (BEST) Advanced Greenhouse Gas and Aerosol Research Laboratory (AGAR) Energy and Environmental Policy Laboratory (EEPL)
    Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) OTHER
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S. Yongprapat, A. Therdthianwong, and S. Therdthianwong. (2013) Au/C catalysts promoted with metal oxides for ethylene glycol electro-oxidation in alkaline solution. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry. 697(0): p. 46-52. May 2013
N. Wongyao, A. Therdthianwong, S. Therdthianwong, S. M. Senthil Kumar, and K. Scott. (2013) A comparison of direct methanol fuel cell degradation under different modes of operation. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 38(22): p. 9464–9473. July 2013
Surawut Chuangchote and Takashi Sagawa. (2013) Electron-Acceptor Nanomaterials Fabricated by Electrospinning for Polymer Solar Cells. Energy Procedia. 34(0): p. 848-853. January - december 2013
Panuwat Ekdharmasuit, Apichai Therdthianwong, and Supaporn Therdthianwong. (2013) Anode structure design for generating high stable power output for direct ethanol fuel cells. Fuel. 113(0): p. 69-76. November 2013
Wasu Low and Virote Boonamnuayvitaya. (2013) A study of photocatalytic graphene–TiO2 synthesis via peroxo titanic acid refluxed sol. Materials Research Bulletin. 48(8): p. 2809-2816. August 2013
bulet Wasu Low and Virote Boonamnuayvitaya. (2013) Enhancing the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 co-doping of graphene–Fe3+ ions for formaldehyde removal. Journal of Environmental Management. 127(0): p. 142-149. September 2013
bulet Punyanich Intharapat, Aroon Kongnoo, and Kavichat Kateungngan. (2013) The Potential of Chicken Eggshell Waste as a Bio-filler Filled Epoxidized Natural Rubber (ENR) Composite and its Properties. Journal of Polymers and the Environment. 21(1): p. 245-258. March 2013
bulet S. Attasat, P. Wanichpongpan, and W. Ruenglertpanyakul. (2013) Cultivation of microalgae (Oscillatoria okeni and Chlorella vulgaris) using tilapia-pond effluent and a comparison of their biomass removal efficiency. Water Science and Technology. 67(2): p. 271-277. February 2013
bulet Shewin Attasat, Piyabutr Wanichpongpan, and Wiwat Ruenglertpanyakul. (2013) Cultivation of Microalgae (Oscillatoria okani and chlorella vulgaris) using tilapia-pond effluent and a Comparison of their Biomass Removal Efficiency. WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. 67(2): p. 271–277. February 2013
bulet S. Annop, P. Sridang, U. Puetpaiboon, and A. Grasmick. (2013) Influence of relaxation frequency on membrane fouling control in submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAnMBR). Desalination and Water Treatment. p. 1-9. June 2013
bulet N. Punbusayakul, K. Boonsiri, S. Charojrochkul, B. Fungtammasan, and J. Charoensuk. (2012) Assessment on hermetic property and mechanical compatibility of various groove-gasket sealing designs for solid oxide fuel cell stack. Journal of Power Sources. 213(0). p. 186-202.
bulet Chayada Pansuk and Soydoa Vinitnantharat. (2012) Surface modification granule developed from lignite fly ash for removing anionic dyes and Cr (III) from tannery wastewater. Achrives Des Science. 65(12). p. 674-693.
bulet Kanlayanee  Meesap, Somkiet  Techkarnjanaruk, Pawinee  Chaiprasert, and Nimaradee  Boonapatcharoen. (2012) Microbial Communities and Their Performances in Anaerobic Hybrid Sludge Bed-Fixed Film Reactor for Treatment of Palm Oil Mill Effluent under Various Organic Pollutant Concentrations. Journal of Biomedicine Biotechnology. 2012(
bulet Maneerat Khemkhao, Boonyarit Nuntakumjorn, Somkiet Techkarnjanaruk, and Chantaraporn Phalakornkule. (2012) UASB performance and microbial adaptation during a transition from mesophilic to thermophilic treatment of palm oil mill effluent. Journal of Environmental Management. 103(0). p. 74-82.
bulet J. Kaew-On, K. Sakamatapan, and S. Wongwises. (2012) Flow boiling pressure drop of R134a in the counter flow multiport minichannel heat exchangers. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science. 36(p. 107-117.
bulet S. Chirarattananon, V. D. Hien, and P. Tummu. (2012) Thermal performance and cost effectiveness of wall insulation under Thai climate. Energy and Buildings. 45(p. 82-90.
bulet Maneerat Khemkhao, Boonyarit Nuntakumjorn, Somkiet Techkarnjanaruk, and Chantaraporn Phalakornkule (2011). Effect of chitosan on UASB treating POME during a transition from mesophilic to thermophilic conditions. Bioresource Technology 102(7): pp. 4674-4681. April 2011. Energy-related Pollution Prevention and Control Technologies
bulet P. Panichnumsin, A. Nopharatana, B. Ahring, and P. Chaiprasert (2010). Production of methane by co-digestion of cassava pulp with various concentrations of pig manure. Biomass & Bioenergy 34(8): pp. 1117-1124. August 2010. Bioenergy and Biofuels
bulet Socheath Sou, Werner Siemers, and Robert H. G Exell (2010). The Design of a Photovoltaic/biomass hybrid electrical energy system for a rural village in Cambodia. International Journal of Ambient Energy 31(1): pp. 3-12. January 2010. Energy and Environmental Policy
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bulet Parinda Suksabye, Akira Nakajima, Paitip Thiravetyan, Yoshinari Baba, and Woranan Nakbanpote (2009). Mechanism of Cr(VI) adsorption by coir pith studied by ESR and adsorption kinetic. Journal of Hazardous Materials 161(2-3): pp. 1103-1108 30 January 2009. EATT
bulet Virote Boonamnuayvitaya, Panitan Jutaporn, Srisuda Sae-ung, and Somnuk Jarudilokkul (2009). Removal of pyrene by colloidal gas aphrons of a biodegradable surfactant. Separation and Purification Technology 68(3): pp. 411-416. August 2009.
bulet Pannathat Rojanamon, Taweep Chaisomphob, and Thawilwadee Bureekul (2009). Application of geographical information system to site selection of small run-of-river hydropower project by considering engineering/economic/environmental criteria and social impact. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 13(9): pp. 2336-2348. December 2009.
bulet Nattapong Chayawatto, Krissanapong Kirtikara, Veerapol Monyakul, Chiya Jivacate, and Dhirayut Chenvidhya (2009). DC-AC switching converter modelings of a PV grid-connected system under islanding phenomena. Renewable Energy 34(12): pp. 2536-2544. December 2009. Other
bulet S Sae-ung and V Boonamnuayvitaya (2009). Direct Synthesis and Characterization of Amine-Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Materials and Their Applications as Formaldehyde Adsorbents. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE 25(10): pp. 1477-1485 December 2009.
bulet Jenjira Saetang and Sandhya Babel (2009). Effect of leachate loading rate and incubation period on the treatment efficiency by T. versicolor immobilized on foam cubes. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 6(3): pp. 457-466. Jul-Sep. 2009.
bulet S Nilratnisakorn, P Thiravetyan, and W Nakbanpote (2009). A constructed wetland model for synthetic reactive dye wastewater treatment by narrow-leaved cattails (Typha angustifolia Linn.). WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 60(6): pp. 1565-1574 June 2009.
bulet W Yamsaengsung and N Sombatsompop (2009). Interfacial adhesion and molecular diffusion in melt lamination of wood sawdust/ebonite NR and EPDM. Polymer Composites 30(3): pp. 248-256. March 2009. Other
bulet Piyatida Trinuruk, Chumnong Sorapipatana, and Dhirayut Chenvidhya (2009). Estimating operating cell temperature of BIPV modules in Thailand. Renewable Energy 34(11): pp. 2515-2523 November 2009. Other
bulet C. Kongnam, S. Nuchprayoon, S. Premrudeepreechacharn, and S. Uatrongjit (2009). Decision analysis on generation capacity of a wind park. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 13(8): pp. 2126-2133. October 2009.
bulet W. Yamsaengsung and N. Sombatsompop (2009). Effect of chemical blowing agent on cell structure and mechanical properties of EPDM foam, and peel strength and thermal conductivity of wood/NR composite–EPDM foam laminates. Composites Part B: Engineering 40(7): pp. 594-600 October 2009. Other


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