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Research Laboratory JGSEE

Advanced Fuel Processing Laboratory
Building Energy Science and Technology laboratory
Tropical Climate System Modeling Laboratory
Advanced Greenhouse Gas and Aerosol Research Laboratory
Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Laboratory
Energy and Environmental Policy Laboratory

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Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Laboratory (LCSAL)

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The focus of the lab is to develop tools and conduct sustainability assessment of various energy technologies, conventional as well as alternative, in a life cycle perspective. The results of such research will provide support to decision makers in Thailand vis-vis the sustainability implications of energy conversion and use.

Research Theme: Sustainability assessment tools development and application
(Contact person: Prof. Dr. Shabbir H. Gheewala)
The research will focus on developing tools for sustainability assessment in a life cycle perspective. These tools will also be applied to various aspects of energy conversion and use. Life cycle assessment will be a major tool for environmental assessment, life cycle costing for economic assessment and social life cycle assessment, which is currently under development at the international level, for social assessment. The areas of interest include conventional and alternative power production, transportation fuels as well as energy technologies in general. As part of this process, scenarios focusing on energy systems will be developed to provide images of how the future might enfold and assist in the assessment of impacts, adaptation and mitigation. The scenario analysis would help provide stakeholders and decision-makers with a broad view of the possibilities for energy technologies available over the long term.
  • FOOD Footprint calculator enhance carbon footprint measurement and management in Thai food industry to promote low-carbon economy for climate change mitigation
  • Global assessments and guidelines for sustainable liquid biofuels production in developing countries (Thailand component)
  • Food, fuel and climate change - LCA and policy research
  • Water footprint of biofuels
  • Water footprint of agricultural products
  • Testing of sustainability indicators for biofuels

Energy Division  / Environment Division


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