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JGSEE offers the graduate programs in Master degree (Master of Science, Master of Philosophy and Master of Engineering) and Doctor of Philosophy in the fields of Energy Technology & Management and Environmental Technology & Management. Generally, the durations of the programs are 2 years for Master degree and 3 years for Doctor of Philosophy.

Academic Programs

Course Program
Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Philosophy
Master of Science
(Energy Technology)
(Environmental Technology)
Master of Science
(Energy Tech & Mgmt)
Master of Science
(Environmental Tech & Mgmt)
Master of Engineering
(Energy Tech & Mgmt)
Master of Engineering
(Environmental Tech & Mgmt)

Student Information


Thesis Defence Examination

a. This examination is required for a student completing his/ her research work.

b. Students wishing to qualify for graduation in any particular semester must have this examination, which is oral, held before the enrolment date of the following semester.

c. The student must express his/her intention to take the examination with a draft of completed thesis report submitted to the respective Division at least 4 weeks before the examination date. The decision to allow the student to take the defence examination rests with the thesis advisor, who will also have to receive a copy of the report 4 weeks before the examination date. The student must prepare copies of the report for each committee member including the external examiner and submit to the respective Division Office.

d. All members of the thesis advisory committee including the external examiner are requested to be present at the examination. In case the external examiner resides outside Thailand and is unable to be present at the scheduled examination, the draft thesis will be sent to the examiner by the school. The student however must submit the draft thesis 8 weeks in advance so that the evaluation report could reach the school before the examination date.

e. Following the defence examination, the student is required to make all the corrections requested by the examining committee and submit the revised thesis report to the Division within 30 days. However, in case of major revisions, the examining committee may recommend to the school to have the submission deadline extended, but must not be more than 60 days from the date of examination.


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