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JGSEE offers the graduate programs in Master degree (Master of Science, Master of Philosophy and Master of Engineering) and Doctor of Philosophy in the fields of Energy Technology & Management and Environmental Technology & Management. Generally, the durations of the programs are 2 years for Master degree and 3 years for Doctor of Philosophy.

Academic Programs

Course Program
Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Philosophy
Master of Science
(Energy Technology)
(Environmental Technology)
Master of Science
(Energy Tech & Mgmt)
Master of Science
(Environmental Tech & Mgmt)
Master of Engineering
(Energy Tech & Mgmt)
Master of Engineering
(Environmental Tech & Mgmt)
Student Information

Form & Template

AS 03 Course Registration form
AS 04 Change of Registration form
AS 06 Status Retention form
Student is request to fill in form when he/she is in the status of
1. Semester drop granted
2. Waiting for publication / English Test after pass the Final Examination within 5 years of studied program.
3. Special Request granted by EB.
AS 06-1 Status Extension form
Student is request to fill status extension form when he/she has studied more than studied time required in each program either pass/not pass Final Examination or wait for publish/ English requirement
AS 07 General Request form
AS 07-1 Request for Certificate
Apply for:
1.Interim Grade Report
AS 07-2 Request for Semester Withdrawal
Apply for:
1.Student Drop for one Semester
(10% of the School Fee is to be paid)
2. Request After Registration
(Student can not be refund)
AS 07-3 Request for a Fine
AS-05 Credit Transfer Form
AS-08 Seminar Proposal Form
AS-08-1 Seminar Draft Full Paper Form
AS-09 Application for Modify / Changing Dissertation Proposal Form
AS-10 Dissertation Proposal Form
AS-11 Special Study Proposal Form
AS-12 Internship Activity Form
AS-14 Request for Examinations Form
AS-15 Report Submission Form
AS-18 18-1 Application for Graduation Form
AS-20 Research Study Proposal Form
AS-22 Request for waiving the school fee
AS-23 Request of Publication Form
เรื่อง การส่งรายงานความก้าวหน้าวิทยานิพนธ์
(Proposal, Progress, Defence)
Car Parking Reservation Request Form

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