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JGSEE offers the graduate programs in Master degree (Master of Science, Master of Philosophy and Master of Engineering) and Doctor of Philosophy in the fields of Energy Technology & Management and Environmental Technology & Management. Generally, the durations of the programs are 2 years for Master degree and 3 years for Doctor of Philosophy.

Academic Programs

Course Program
Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Philosophy
Master of Science
(Energy Technology)
(Environmental Technology)
Master of Science
(Energy Tech & Mgmt)
Master of Science
(Environmental Tech & Mgmt)
Master of Engineering
(Energy Tech & Mgmt)
Master of Engineering
(Environmental Tech & Mgmt)

Student Information

Publications of Research Results

Before being awarded a degree, students need to have their research work published in recognized national or international journals, or their equivalent.

The minimum number of published papers are as follows:

Energy Technology/Environmental Technology Two international journal papers and one international conference proceedings
Energy Technology/Environmental Technology One international journal paper , or equivalent (see note below)
Energy Technology/Environmental Technology One national journal paper
M.Eng / M.Sc
Energy Technology & Management Plan A-1: One national journal paper
Plan A-2: One international conference paper and Report on internship
Plan B: Report on Research study, plus oral examination
Environmental Technology & Management

Publication Equivalence:

An international journal paper may be substituted by two national journal paper or one national journal paper plus one international conference paper. The journals or conferences must be those endorsed by the Professorial Board. For Ph.D candidates, at least one paper must be published in an international journal listed in the Science Citation Idex.
Students are strongly recommended to study carefully the types of journals and conference proceedings that are recognized by the Professorial Board, and they must provide all necessary evidence to facilitate the approval process of the school. In particular, the student should note the following:

(1) International Journal Papers

  • The student is required to attach the full paper and the acceptance-for-publication letter form the journal (if the paper has not yet been published) when submitting the “Request for Graduation Form”
  • In case the journal is not listed in the citation index (see information on JGSEE Library Website), attach a copy of the page containing the Editorial Board Members.

(2) National Journal Papers

  • The student is required to attach the full paper and the “acceptance-for-publication” letter from the journal (if the paper has not yet been published), when submitting the Request for Graduation Form.
  • Paper published in journals other than those listed in below will not be accepted as National Journal papers.

(3) International Conference Proceedings

  • The student is required to attach the full paper and the copy of the pages containing the names of the conference organizing committee and the technical committee when submitting the Request for Graduation Form.

Failure to submit all required evidence may result in delays in the graduation approval process.

Approved National Journals:

The following locally published journals are recognized by the school’s Professorial Board as being acceptable for the purpose of meeting the School’s publication requirements for graduation.

1. ASEAN Journal of Energy and Environment (AJEE)
2. ASEAN Journal on Science and Technology for Development
3. Science Asia
4. Thai Journal of Agricultural Science
5. Thammasat International Journal of Science and Technology
6. KMUTT Research and Development Journal
7. Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology
8. Songklanakarin Journal of Social Science and Humanities
9. Journal of the National Research Council of Thailand
10. The Kasetsart Journal Natural Science
11. Research and Development Journal of the Engineering Institute of Thailand

Note: Before submitting a research paper for publication, students are advised to read the School’s ‘Publication Authorship Policy’ carefully


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