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View from Executive Editor

For almost ten years the Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE) has been publishing the Asian Journal of Energy and Environment (AJEE), which admittedly has had a rather limited scope in its circulation and number of international contributions.  Because of  the increasing importance of sustainable energy and environment issues, particularly the threat to human and ecological sustainability due to climate change, it is generally felt that there is a need to broaden the scope of this unique journal in Asia to serve contributors and readers worldwide while highlighting the issues of immediate concern to the Asia-Pacific region.  To this end, arrangements are being made for JGSEE to jointly publish a journal with the SEE Forum, which is a network of academic, research and technological institutions in the Asia-Pacific that is working collaboratively to address the goal of sustainable energy and environment.  This initial gesture between JGSEE and the SEE Forum has led to the birth of a new journal, to be named “Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment” or “JSEE”, which will supersede the hardcopy version of AJEE.

I certainly hope that AJEE authors and readers will continue to support and contribute to both AJEE and the upcoming JSEE, in the manner you deem appropriate.

Bundit Fungtammasan
Executive Editor

Aims & Scope

The Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment (JSEE) is an international peer-reviewed, quarterly journal that publishes theoretical, experimental and applied results in the science, engineering and policy aspects of sustainable energy and environment. The journal aims to provide a multidisciplinary and international forum for the dissemination of the latest high-quality research results, particularly those related to or with implications for the Asian region. 

Subjects particularly suitable for JSEE include:

  1. Bioenergy and biofuels
  2. Biogas and waste-to-energy
  3. Wind energy
  4. Solar energy
  5. Geothermal
  6. Marine and hydropower
  7. Hydrogen and fuel cells
  8. Nuclear energy
  9. Power distribution
  10. Combined or hybrid energy systems
  11. Energy conservation
  12. Energy-related environmental pollution prevention and control
  13. Environmental impact assessment
  14. Science of climate change
  15. Carbon capture and sequestration
  16. Energy, environmental and climate policy


JSEE is an official journal of the SEE Forum. It is published by the Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE), King Mongkut’s University Technology Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand, with the support and collaboration of Kyoto University and the SEE Forum.

The SEE (Sustainable Energy and Environment) Forum is a network of scientists and academics in Asia who are committed to pursue education and research activities geared towards the advancement of science, technology and policy required for the transition to a low carbon society for sustainable development, with an emphasis on the so-called “New Energy Initiative”. The Secretariat of the Forum is based in Kyoto University in Japan.


While the publisher makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all the information contained in its publications, it makes no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the accuracy, completeness or suitability for any of the content and disclaims all such representations and warranties whether expressed or implied to the maximum extent permitted by law.  Any views expressed in this publication are the views of the authors and are not the views of the publisher.



ISSN: 1906-4918
Frequency: Quartery
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