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JGSEE Library Catalog

JGSEE Library Catalog


Online database of Thai master’s theses and doctoral dissertations. More than 3,800 Titles are availble in full text.

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  • Membership of JGSEE Library is available to Students, staff, and faculty of JGSEE.
  • Student and visiting faculty Membership are issued for one academic year.
  • Faculty and staff are issued for contract period.
  • Renewal. Membership can be renewed on presentation of a new registration fee receipt or sign contract document together with JGSEE cards.


Types of Material
General Books, Conference & Proceeding, Seminar report, Reports Special study & Thesis

JGSEE Faculty and Staff
Loan limit : 5 copies*
Loan period : 14 days

Visiting Faculty and Students
Loan limit : 3 copies*
Loan period : 10 days

Types of Material

JGSEE Faculty and Staff
Loan limit : 3 copies*
Loan period : 7 days

Visiting Faculty and Students
Loan limit : 3 copies*
Loan period : 7 days

Types of Material
References Books, Journals

JGSEE Faculty and Staff
Loan limit : use only in library**
Loan period : use only in library

Visiting Faculty and Students
Loan limit : use only in library**
Loan period : use only in library

Note that:
1. * Including other types of material.
2. **Users can borrow for photocopying and must return in the same day.

Fines and Reparation
Returning books or publication after deadline

  • Fines are imposed for circulating books at the rate of 6 baht / copy / day
  • Fines are imposed for all non-circulating books at the rate of 5 baht / copy / hour
  • Failure to pay fines will result in suspension of salary of faculty / staff and will result in revocation of all privileges for students.

Lost or damaged books

  • Please notify Library staff as soon as possible. User have the responsibility to replace or pay for any items that are lost or damaged. Replacements must be an exact copy of the item.
  • User have to pay for processing fee 200 baht/item and pay for overdue, fees will be calculated from the date due to the date reported to JGSEE Library.

General Rules

  1. No library materials will be removed from the library without the librarian’s permission.
  2. User should not make excessive noise and damage the library’s properties.
  3. A reading place may not be reserved during the reader’s absence from the library premises.
  4. Bags must be put on the bag shelf before entry to the library, and food or drink must not be taken into the library.
  5. User must identify themselves when requested to do so and user who is not member, must register and obtain permission before using the library.
  6. Mobile telephones, beepers and other electronic alarm devices should be switched off Smoking is not allowed in the library.
  7. Photocopying of complete books is not allowed. Users are responsible for complying with the Copyright Act.

JGSEE Report Format

  • Seminar Paper Format
  • Special Study Report Format
  • Thesis Proposal Format
  • Progress Report Format
  • The final thesis report
  • Intenship Report Format
  • Research Study Report Format
  • Announcement

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