Dr. Patrick Rousset


Dr. Patrick Rousset

Adjunct Senior Researcher

The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE)

Research Laboratory

Advanced Fuel Processing Laboratory

Fields of expertise

Solid fuel characterization, Pyrolysis of biomass , Chemical reaction engineering, Bio-products

Research interests

Energy and Industrial process engineering – more than 15 years experience in biomass energy technology. Research project management in the field of renewable and biomass energy technology and in the transfer of technology in developing countries.

Interest research topics

  1. Development of new design of torrefaction and carbonization technologies with low environmental impact.
  2. Environmental Assessment of air emissions from wood pyrolysis processes.
  3. Research, technical assistance and process certification in the field of biomass energy technology
  4. Pyrolysis, rural electrification , Chemical reaction engineering
  5. Expertise and monitoring of various bio energy industries and equipment
  6. Participation in many projects in developing countries for bio energy production and rural electrification: Brazil Amazonian region, Madagascar, Equator, Peru, Ivory coast