Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suneerat Fukuda

Dr. Suneerat Fukuda

Associate Professor

The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE)

Research Laboratory

Advanced Fuel Processing Laboratory

Fields of expertise

Solid fuel utilization for energy: from basic science to engineering, including bioenergy and biofuel production; clean coal technology and energy system engineering

Research interests

Biomass gasification and combustion, Coal combustion, Bio-oil production and upgrading, Simulation of gasification and combustion systems, Treatment and upgrading of gasification product gas and biogas, Assessment of energy production systems

Interest research topics

  1. Development of effective tar removal system for biomass gasification process [View]
  2. Potential of various biomass feedstocks in Thailand for power generation via gasification [View]
  3. Characterization of various coals/biomass/wastes as fuels for co-firing applications: Ash behaviour and its relation to agglomeration and fouling [View]
  4. Investigating the effect of coal blending on slagging tendency in pf boiler [View]
  5. Upgrading of pyrolysis bio-oil for transport fuel applications [View]
  6. Biomethane production from small-size biogas systems [View]

International journal publication

2009 Suneerat Pipatmanomai, Bundit Fungtammasan and Sankar Bhattacharya. Characteristics and Composition of Lignites and Boiler Ashes and Their Relation to Slagging: The case of Mae Moh PCC Boilers. Fuel 2009; 88 (1): 116-123.
2011 Sommas Kaewluan and Suneerat Pipatmanomai. Gasification of High Moisture Rubber Woodchip with Rubber Waste in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed. Fuel Processing Technology 2011; 92: 671-677.
2011 Supatchaya Konsomboon, Suneerat Pipatmanomai, Thanid Madhiyanon, Suvit Tia. Effect of kaolin addition on ash characteristics of palm empty fruit bunch (EFB) upon combustion. Applied Energy 2011; 88 (1): 298-305.
2011 Sommas Kaewluan and Suneerat Pipatmanomai. Potential of Synthesis Gas Production from Rubber Wood Chip Gasification in a Bubbling Fluidised Bed Gasifier. Energy Conversion and Management 2011; 52 (1): 75-84.
2012 T. Madhiyanon, P. Sathitruangsak, S. Sungworagarn, S. Pipatmanomai, S. Tia. A pilot-scale investigation of ash and deposition formation during oil-palm empty-fruit-bunch (EFB) combustion. Fuel Processing Technology 2012; 96: 250-264.
2013 Chovichien, N., Pipatmanomai, S., and Chungpaibulpatana, S. Estimate of solids circulation rate through an L-valve in a CFB operating at elevated temperature, Powder Technology 2013; 235: 886-900.
2013 N. Chovichien, S. Pipatmanomai, S. Chungpaibulpatana. Comprehensive study on pressure-drop balance and performance of an L-valve in a circulating fluidized bed. Journal of Chemical Engineering Communication (Accepted for publication)