RESCuE annual meeting

An annual meeting of the research project “Monitoring and Optimizing the Design Quality of Mangrove Restoration Towards a Sustainable Coastal Ecosystem Management in Thailand and Mekong delta of Vietnam” or RESCuE project was held on 25 June 2019 at JGSEE-CEE, KMUTT. The annual meeting aimed at providing updates regarding the project status, and at discussing the results obtained so far, the relations between different work packages and the future project activities to be performed. The RESCuE team visited the study area located in Trat and Ban Nam Chiao. Also a PARDI workshop (Problem, Actors Resources Dynamics Interactions) was conducted on 27 June. PARDI is a resilience concept to characterize local dynamics of socio-ecological systems and build conceptual models according to key problems identified by local stakeholders. During 28-29 June, the RESCuE team conducted a drone survey in order to develop a protocol for mangrove forest structure mapping. Also, the RESCuE team discussed about future collaborations with new European partners as well local stockholders, including, the Royal Forest Department (RFD), the Department of Marine, Coastal resources (DMCR) and the Ban Nam Chiao community. The development of forest monitoring systems and design of socio-economic surveys for sustainable mangrove mapping practices in the region were the key focus considerations of this one week meeting.