Scholarships Opportunity

Student Scholarships at JGSEE

There are numerous scholarships for students with prominent records of performance.

1. A scholarship that include monthly stipend and tuition/school fees

Scholarships are available for all qualified students.
There are 4 types of scholarship:
     1. Full scholarship that covers school fees, tuition fees and living allowance (Master 10,000 baht/month, PhD 13,000 baht/month
     2. Scholarship that covers school fees and tuition fees
     3. Scholarship that covers school fees only
     4. Scholarship that covers part of tuition fees or school fees

2. A research fund.

One of the aims of JGSEE is to produce high quality research work. To this end funds are made available to all students as thesis expense staring from the first semester that the students enroll for their thesis study. The maximum a mount of funding for each program is set below;

135,000 baht
For Energy Technology / Environmental Technology programs
135,000 baht
175,000 baht
Ph.D :
290,000 baht

An appropriate amount of funds will also be made available for research in other programs.