The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE)
King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)


CEE Rewards

JGSEE-CEE receives the 2012 Science and Technology Award for Outstanding Science and Technology Research Institute
Environment Division of JGSEE Receives TRF Award for Top Performance

Organization Rewards

The Thailand Research Fund New Researcher Award from Thailand Research Fund (TRF)
2005 and 2006
The Commission on Higher Education rated JGSEE as "Excellent" in research mission and in academic performance in term of number of international journal papers published per academic staff
Thailand Research Fund rated JGSEE as "Excellent" in the field of earth and environmental science and "Very good" in the field of energy technology.
Outstanding Research Award from Thailand Research Fund
Toray Science and Technology Award

Staff Rewards

The 2007 Young Scientist Award from the Foundation for the Promation of Science and Technology under Patronage of His Majesty the King (Assoc Prof Dr Navadol Laosiripojana)
Recognition by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for having made substantial contributions to the IPCC's Nobel Peace Prize award (Assoc Prof Dr Sirintornthep Towprayoon, Assoc Prof Dr Amnat Chidthaisong, Prof Dr -Ing Christoph Menke)
TRF-CHE Outstanding Mid-Career Researcher Award from Thailand Research Fund and Commission on Higher Education (Assoc Prof Dr Navadol Laosiripojana)
PTIT scholar award from Petroleum Institute of Thailand; year 2008 (Assoc Prof Dr Navadol Laosiripojana)
NRCT Invention Award 2009 for Prototype of Smoke-Haze Forecast System (Assoc Prof Dr Kasemsan Manomaiphiboon)
TRF-CHE-SCOPUS Researcher Award from Thailand Research Fund and Elsevier Inc. (Assoc Prof Dr Navadol Laosiripojana)
2011 PTIT Fellow Award from Petroleum Institute of Thailand for his outstanding research achievements in the field of energy (Assoc Prof Dr Bundit Fungtammasan)
Outstanding Research Award 2011 from Thailand Research Fund's (Assoc Prof Dr Amnat Chidthaisong for the Program on Climate Change and Its Impacts to Thailand)