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Pisit Yongyingsakthavorn completed his PhD study at JGSEE in February 2007. His thesis topic was "Spray characteristics of palm-based biodiesl for combustion applications", supervised jointly by Drs Bundit Fungtammasan and Pumyos Vallikul. Since January 2007, he has been pursuing post-doctoral research at the Interprofessional Research Complex on Aerothermochemistry, INSA Rouen, France.

"I am very proud that I graduated Ph.D. in energy program from JGSEE. JGSEE is very strong in research on energy and environment and it became the first rank of research in Thailand in the year I was graduating. There are plenty of human resources from different universities to guide student research, which is supported by excellent research facilities.

I gained much valuable experience during study at JGSEE, for example, English and French languages, technical skill in drop size measurements for liquid biofuels, and short-term research in France. The latter is most important, which inspired me to start my post doctoral research in France after graduation."


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